February 14, 2017 Kellen Freeman

Starting today, DCDL is expanding our board game collection to include role playing game books. These are the pen and paper variety, and cover a wide variety of genres and themes from running a colony on Mars, to time travel, to anime style exploration. We've had some Dungeons and Dragons books in the larger collection already, but we're adding 13 more books to the collection. These are found with the board games at the Delaware Branch, but holds can be placed on them to go to any of our other branches for pick up there. Just like the board games, you can check out three at a time for up to two weeks, and renew them up to three times as long as no other patrons are waiting for them.

In addition, the publishers of these games have been very gracious and have allowed us to upload PDF copies to OverDrive as well to expand the collection that way. They are not all available at this exact moment, but will be available over the coming days. So keep an eye out for eBook versions! If you are more familiar with OverDrive, or wish to have a PDF copy you can browse and search, head over to the Ohio Digital Library to find those soon.

Just like the board games, we have a wiki for the role playing games so you can learn a bit more about each game in the collection. Expect this wiki to grow over time to include more information on each game and to provide links to some helpful guides for these games. 

Like always, feel free to send any questions you have to, or stop in at one of our branches for more information.


DCDL Adds Role Playing Games to the Collection