July 22, 2016 Nicole

We are certainly living in a mobile world. If you haven’t heard lately, something phenomenal happened in America on July 6 called Pokémon GO. The mobile app uses location-based augmented reality technology. It encourages users to interact with the world around them through the eyes of their mobile devices as they try to catch and collect Pokémon species and other necessary Pokémon-catching tools.

Your eyes might have started to cross when you read “Pokémon” or maybe not until “augmented reality,” but I assure you, this is huge. Within one day of its release, the app was downloaded on more Android devices than the popular dating service app, Tinder. The average user stays on the app for an average of 43 minutes per day, which is higher than other social media apps like Snapchat and Instagram. Just 10 days after its initial release, the app surpassed the total downloads of Candy Crush and total daily users of Twitter.

If you or someone you know is playing Pokémon GO, the Delaware County District Library is a great place to visit on one of your adventures! The Ostrander Branch Library has seen many people checking in to its PokéStop. The Powell Branch Library is a very active PokéStop, and also has a Gym located nearby at the park entrance near the DCDL sign. You could try to claim the Gym at the Orange Branch Library, or stroll through any of the other 3 PokéStops on the library’s grounds. Finally, if you’re taking a walk around downtown Delaware, where there are plenty of PokéStops, you can end your trip at the Gym at the Delaware Main Library.

As supplies are available, Pokémon hunters will also find their own special DCDL Gym badge to collect at each branch as they stop in. Gotta catch 'em all!

Pokemon at Delaware County District Library


Find Pokémon at DCDL