Outreach Services

The Community & Family Outreach Services Department extends the library beyond our walls by bringing books, DVDs and other library materials to targeted individuals and facilities such as preschools, daycares, and senior citizens centers.

For more information about any of these services, call 740-548-1660 or email us at outreach@delawarelibrary.org.

outreach department

Congratulations to the Community & Family Outreach Services Department for 
winning the 2016 OLC John Philip Outreach Award!



The Library's Bookmobile carries dozens of carts loaded with bestsellers, children’s books, DVDs, audio books, and other items; staff wheel the carts into daycare centers and senior facilities across the county, setting up a convenient mini-library.  Additionally, the Bookmobile can be seen at special events throughout the year.

Download the current Bookmobile calendar.

Discovery Bags & Kidz Kratez

For in-home daycare providers. Discovery Bags contain educational resources, books, DVDs, puppets, games, toys and information on a variety of themes including: insects, farm animals, food, fairy tales and more. For older children in daycare, the Outreach staff will put together Kidz Kratez. A new collection targeted to the ages and interests of the children is delivered each month.

Download the Discovery Bag Application.
Download the Kidz Kratez Application

Drop Collections

For daycares and nursing facilities.  The Outreach staff will hand-pick library materials (books, DVDs, etc.) targeted for a specified audience, bringing a new collection every four weeks.

Download the Drop Collections Application for Day Cares and Preschools.
Download the Drop Collections Application for Nursing Homes and Institutions

Homebound Services

For individuals unable to visit the library because of physical limitations. Our Outreach Services staff carefully selects books, audio books, DVDs and other items to suit individual reading, listening and viewing tastes. Delivered to your home once a month, Outreach Services staff will update you on new materials and determine what you would like delivered the following month.

Download the Homebound Services Application.

Talking Book Machines Program

Provided by the State Library of Ohio, the Talking Book Program provides free recorded books, magazines, and playback equipment to eligible blind, visually impaired, physically disabled, and reading disabled Ohio residents. The Outreach Services staff will deliver the digital player and help customers complete the appropriate paperwork. For more information, call 740-548-1660 or email outreach@delawarelibrary.org.