Teacher Resources

School Resource Sharing Program

Easy. Convenient. And We Deliver!

DCDL is a great resource for local teachers, administrators, and students from the Buckeye Valley, Delaware City, and Olentangy districts, as well as private schools in the area. Working with their school's media specialist (or librarian), teachers can request materials by subject or title to help meet their resource needs.

Let us help you by providing book lists, materials, and more for upcoming class projects. For more information, contact the Community & Family Outreach Services Department at the Orange Branch, 740-548-1660 or outreach@delawarelibrary.org. Deliveries occur regularly at all Buckeye Valley, Delaware City, and Olentangy Local schools.


We provide programs, curriculum support, and meeting rooms for homeschool students and families. Speak with your local librarians for more information.