Wifi & Hotspot Access

Free wireless internet is available at all of our library branches and can be accessed on personal laptops, tablets, or other devices that are equipped with wireless network capabilities. If you have additional questions with regard to the DCDL wireless network, please contact 740-362-3861.

Mobile Hotspots

Patrons are also able to check out and take home a mobile hotspot just as easily as they would a book or DVD. The hotspots will provide Internet access to users in almost any location. 

Mobile hotspots are small, portable devices that provide wireless Internet access for any device that can connect to a wireless signal, such as a laptop, smartphone, tablet, or gaming device. Mobile hotspots typically use mobile broadband service from cellular providers for 3G or 4G Internet access. Use them on your vacation, for your next conference presentation, or to temporarily add wireless connectivity to a home that does not have it.

To check out a device, patrons must be over 18 and in good standing with the Library. Hotspots can be checked out for up to two weeks and will offer unlimited data usage during that time. They may not be renewed, and there are no late fees on them. However, once the loan period is up, the device will be deactivated and the full replacement cost of the hotspot, the cords, and the case will be billed to the patron’s account. Upon return of the device, the charge will be removed.

View the full lending policy here. 

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